Eylure lashes new look!

When doing my make up I tend to focus on my eyes more. I love eyes because they are what you look at when talking to people. Most of all I love to have big long almost spider-like lashes. They just open them up and make you look more wide-eyed awake.

Recently, due to stress, I pulled out a lot of my eyelashes 😮 One eye was practically eyelashes!!! I was pretty upset as I felt I looked undone with no lashes….after all they are what I love highlighting most when doing my eye make up. So luckily before I was due to go to the 98fm Best Of Dublin Awards I was sent the new look Eylure lashes!
eylure new look lashes
I was nervous as in the past I’ve really struggled with strip lashes and found individual lashes easier for me to apply but they take longer to do and I don’t have the time. So I practised and practised for a few days at getting the strip lashes on! I used the Naturals as they were light and easier to work with and I finally got it and realised what I was doing wrong all the years of trying to apply strip lashes!

Eylure 'Naturals' lashes are light and thin so very easy for those new to applying strip lashes and are very subtle too.
Eylure ‘Naturals’ lashes are light and thin so very easy for those new to applying strip lashes and are very subtle too.

Instead of going in from the front with the lashes I needed to drop them down on my lash line from above! God it made it so simple to get the placement right and glue to stick on each side! I’m thrilled with myself that I can finally apply strip lashes whoo! 

May seem obvious to some but not me haha! So now I love applying them!

EYLURE Volume 100 Pack Image

For my night out I used the Volume lashes and they were the perfect balance of thickness and length while not being over the top.
eylure lashes volume
Best of all I have used them a few times and they are still grand. I’m still using the ‘Naturals’ to fill in the gaps in my lash line while they grow back.
Once you are carefull picking the glue off with a tweezers when finished they will last a good number of times. They come with a little vial of glue that works grand but I need to get my hands on some Duo Eyelash glue since I’ve heard that’s the best.

Bets of all these will only set you back €6.99 (rrp) and are available in most pharmacies nationwide!

So tell me….Have you mastered strip lashes? What are your favourite ones? Yaz xo

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