Expecting the Unexpected

Have you guessed?

Yes I’m pregnant! Baby no.4 is on its way!!! 😮

21 weeks pregnant
21 weeks pregnant

Are you surprised because I sure was! Not gonna lie, this one was not planned. I mean, we had talked about a 4th when I got extremely broody last summer but we decided we were definitely done for various reasons.

When I found out I was pregnant just after Christmas I cried…a lot! There was real talk of our options, there was lists of pro and cons made and in the end we literally decided “ah feck it what’s another one!” We’ll cope we always have done, we’ll get over the shock.
At the end of the day I had to go with my heart despite the possible illogistics of it all and us looking like we are mad people having another one simply because 3 kids seems to be a huge number nowadays never mind 4. However now that it’s on my mind I see lots of people with 4 kids and they are still alive and functioning and not gone crazy….maybe they are… maybe I will…who knows…I kid 😉
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I’ve come round a lot since I first found out though which is a relief because or the first 15ish weeks I cried almost every day, I’d wake up in a panic at the reality of being responsible for 4 little people! My anxiety was through the roof with fear but looking back I think the awful morning sickness and extreme tiredness while minding 3 kids alone all day while OH was at work from early morning to late evenings made everything seemso much more bleak.

Thankfully I have that burst of energy now and feel fit and healthy so I’m feeling a lot more positive and excited now. I also talked to the hopsital (Rotunda) about my fears and anxiety about the labour and they have been amazing putting me at ease and been so so understanding. I’m also lucky I have great friends that helped me see all the positives of another with them being so excited it was hard not to feel a bit excited. OH has been really positive since the get go too, he always see’s the bright side so I’m very very thankful I have great people around me. Oh and the kids were so so excited when we told them.I really wasn’t sure how they would take it so that was a huge relief too. Of course now there is the fights over them wanting it to be a boy or girl to even up the number haha!

I know like every little unexpected turn in life it will be OK, I will be OK,we will be OK and it will work out. I will make it work out because I always have done and I’ve been through a lot worse. Another baby isn’t the end of the world, yes it stops my plans for a little while longer but they grow so quick, sure my first is already 9 and when I had her I was a teen and had no family and it was bloody rough circumstances, a hell of a lot harder than now so I know I can do this.

I’m slowly getting more excited and used to the idea of 4 kids. Wow mom of 4 never thought I ‘d be saying that…especially at my age
Our big scan is next week so I’m still a bit cautious and anxious about that but hopefully all will be well and I can start shopping as we pretty much of threw out most of our baby stuff. And yes we will be finding out the sex, I’m too impatient to wait and l like to start shopping….yes any excuse 😉


Anyway sorry for the long post, it turned out longer than expected but I thought I better announce my news at some stage to explain why I’ve been quiet enough here on the blog but hopefully I can get back into it now that secret is out! 😉

Yaz x


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