Dry Shampoos – Timotei, Aussie & Pantene

There seems to be a huge influx of dry shampoos to the market, doesn’t there? All the major hair brands seem to have, dare I say, made their own Batiste which we all know is the original and most well-known of dry shampoos
dry shampoo reviw
Obviously I had to try the new ones too just to make sure I wasn’t missing out 🙂 I use dry shampoo quite a bit as my hair get greasy very quick and sometimes I just don’t get the time to wash & dry my hair so the quick dry shampoo option has to do and it’s great on days when I’m having a really flat hair day.

Here’s what I think of three ones I’ve tried so far and in order of my fave 🙂

Timotei (think I paid €2.99 in Dunnes)
The first dry shampoo I tried other than Batiste! I bought this earlier this year because the natural bit stood out to me. It just sounded really good for my hair esp with the green tea which I drink as it’s full of antioxidants so why not spray it into the hair too I thought!
I have loved this from the very first use. It really helps take away that greasy look without that heavy powder feeling I get from Batiste. It does leave some white powdery residue but once you rub the hair around your scalp with fingertips it goes quickly. It feels really cool and refreshing on the scalp  too which I’d say is the green tea and smells great. Only thing about this gem is it’s really hard to get your hands on!timotei dry shampoo green tea review

Aussie Miracle €6.49 180ml at Boots
I love Aussie Miracle products especially for their smell and their dry shampoos are no different.  These dry clear and don’t leave a powdery residue which is amazing. I love, like really the volume one for my hair, it leaves it feeling a bit stiffer so I spray into the roots on freshly washed hair for some oopmh 🙂  Seriously if you’ve flat hair like me the you’ll love the volume one!
There’s three altogether in their range, aussome volume, mega instant & colour mate.Aussie dry shampoo review

Pantene €4.99 180ml at Boots
I found these ones pretty powdery and their volume one is ridiculously powder…hello badger hair!!! The instant refresh works fine though and no white marks. I think these would be better for thicker hair as they leave mine feeling quite heavy after use. Pantene also have three variation in their range volume booster, colour saviour & instant refresh.pantene pro v dry shampoo

As you can see they are all brilliant and are definitely giving Batiste a run for their money. I’ve always found Batiste really chalky and heavy in my hair and these just confirm that as all three feel much less powdery and more lightweight in my hair. I’d ever go back to Batiste now with so many better options available 😮

If you use dry shampoo a lot just remember to get give a good scrub of your hair in the shower and rinse out really well as your hair and scalp will build up with the product and make it limp and hard to work with.

Have you tried any of the new dry shampoos out? Do tell….what’s your favourite so I can try more?? Yaz x

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