Cognikids Sip & Dip Helpful aids for Baby Led Weaning

I’ve been a fan of baby led weaning since my 2nd kid s have done it with 3 of 4 of my kids. Actually, to be fair I did a combination of BLW and traditional weaning (spoon feeding) on the last 2 kids as sometimes it was just lot quicker and less messy to just get food into them that way. DO what works best for you and your family I say, ya know?

Anyway, when the owner from Cognikids® told me about her new products Sip and Dip to help babies with feeding I was delighted to get to try them out before anyone else. Cognikids make products specifically to encourage babies development while making life a bit easier for us parents. Cognikids used to be known as Creeper Crawlers, remember them baby grows with grippers parts on the knees to help them crawl!


Dip is a very cool looking spoon. It’s soft, chunky and has little hollow bits for the food to sit in. I find that feature really handy as it helps when baby is not very steady with the spoon. I also found the Dip spoon brilliant for them to chew on while teething! You can pop a bit of bonjela on and let them 


Then we have the Sip cups. Again these come in a handy 2 pack and all my kids have found a use for them from drinking smoothies to holding snacks in. The outside is a sort of case that goes around the plastic cup inside. It’s soft and flexible and rounded at the bottom to help prevent it tipping over. The inside cup has measurements which is a nice feature if you are trying to measure how much your baby/toddler is drinking. This cup is from 6 months but deffo needs supervision otherwise they will pour it upside down. I just put small amount in till he got the hang on holding a cup and drinking from it. I have to say I noticed his coordination come on in leaps and bounds with this and he surprised me at how well he could drink from a cup without dribbling from about 9 months.

Both the Sip and Dip 2 packs are available from Boots, Mothercare and other selected pharmacies or you can buy directly from Cognikids® online here

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  • These look pretty fun! We just started baby led weaning this week and so far it’s been very messy! We’re always on the look out for new products to enhance our experiences so thanks for sharing.

  • The dip spoon looks fantastic! We’ve just started weaning our second I want to combo with BLW this time too. Will definitely be on the look out in town.

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