Clarins Mission Perfection Serum Review

I was recently at the launch for Clarins Mission Perfection serum, a new innovative skin care product to reduce age spots, acne scarring and redness without altering your skin’s natural skin colourclarins mission perfection serum with cherries

Age spots are caused by an overproduction of melanin (the stuff that makes you tan) and although wearing an SPF everyday can help prevent them, other factors for them are smoking, stress & pollution. Also in pregnancy you can get this thing called chloasma or a butterfly mask. It usually disappears after pregnancy but can sometimes be there for life and get more noticeable in summer.

Clarins says their new serum isn’t like other age spot correctors that tend to all of your skin not just the age spots. Mission Perfection targets the problem from the source.

Acerola extract: A Clarins discovery from cherries. This blocks the “bad” messages that lead to pigment disorders.
Hexylresorcinol: helps to reduce the formation of dark spots at the source.
Gingko Biloba extract: helps awaken the skin’s natural glow by encouraging microcirculation.
Gentle fruit acids: erase pigmentation defects, smooth the skin’s surface texture and optimise light reflection.
Perfecting pigments: instantly illuminate and even out the complexion
clarins Mission Perfection serum + UV

So far I have been using this 2 weeks, morning and night in conjunction with their UV Plus SPF as recommended. It comes out a gorgeous coral shade with a slight shimmer. When applied it feels so light and not heavy like I was expecting. My skin feels really refreshed and it instantly looks brighter and more awake too which I love
clarins mission perfection serum

When it comes to reducing age spots I haven’t seen a major difference in my small age/sun spots. I have some very light ones around my eyes that were starting to develop…eeeek….and I think they might have faded a teeny bit as it takes me a few seconds to find them now! Again, I’ve only been using it 2 weeks which isn’t long enough to really see the full effects so I will keep using it and do an update here!

My skin’s overall appearance has definitely improved though. My naturally tanned skin colour goes really dull and lifeless after winter but I feel after using this it looks more luminous and healthy.

I also think my skin colour looks more even as I’ve noticed  a lot less redness, especially on my cheeks! Usually in this hot weather my skin looks so red and flushed but it hasn’t been looking as awful I must say so I’m very happy on that end.

The serum is available exclusively at Brown Thomas until 20th July for €60 after that it should be available everywhere else.


Elaine Hession & myself
Elaine Hession & myself Clarins launch No.10 Ormond Quay

Yaz x

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