Christmas Tag 2013

I seen this Christmas Tag over on Girl Friday’s Beauty Blog and wanted to do it coz it looks a bit of fun 🙂 Here’s my 10 answers!
Christmas tag 2013

1. Favourite Christmas song?
I’m not really into Christmas songs that much but I do love ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ that’s prob my fave and then I also like ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ and all the kids ones. I like the more upbeat one rather than the sad ones otherwise I start crying haha!

2. Favourite festive drink?
Hot cocoa….just like my Nana used to make 🙂 Alcohol wise then I like a nice glass of white wine or a Bailey’s yum!

3. Favourite Christmas film?
All ‘The Santa Claus’ movies starring Tim Allen, there is something so magical and heart warming about them. I love him, he’s hilarious used to love him in Home Improvement.
Also ‘The Grinch’ is pretty good too

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
Honestly I want justice for all the crap I went through the last 15 months. I feel so let down by the justice system and the gards in this country, I’m very angry still and it kills me that people can get away with destroying people’s lives. I also want health and happiness for all my family, those I see everyday and those I don’t get to see, my wish would be to see my lil bro and sisters, I miss them a lot but I’ll wait for them <3 I just want a really nice 2014 with no more stress and bad news.

5. Favourite festive make up or nail art look?
Oh glitter of course! Glittery nails in red, green, gold or all three! And I love sparkly eye-shadows and glitter eye-liners for this time of year!

6. Favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJs?)
For daytime I like knitwear, ever a fancy Christmas Jumper. For dressy wear anything glittery or a nice LBD with a pop of red or gold shoes/jewellery. And for lazy days around the house or in the evening pj’s are a must.

7. Would you rather play outside in the snow or sit inside in the warmth with a cuppa?
Oh I much rather being toasty inside looking out at the snow with my hot cocoa!

8. Wrapping presents – love or loathe?
Love, love love wrapping presents <3 I find it so relaxing?! And I love seeing them all pretty under the tree and best of all people opening them.

9. Favourite Christmassy food?
The Christmas dinner with mash, roasties, brussels, carrots, turnkey, stuffing, ham the lot! Not forgetting the mince pies and cream in the month up to Christmas haha!

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Getting to spoil my kids and seeing their faces on Christmas morning when they walk into the sitting room and see everything and don’t know what to go for first lol! 😀

I tag everyone reading this to join if you want and share with me your post/answers!
Yaz x

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