Chilly Moo Frozen Yogurt

Who loves ice cream? Just about everyone I think, especially kids! What we love even more lately is the healthy alternative, frozen yogurt and it’s just as yummy!
We were delighted to be asked to try Chilly Moo frozen yogurt recently. This is an Irish business set up in 2012 by two mums and best friends Clare & Joanna.chilly moo frozen yogurt tubs

I knew with them being mums it meant the frozen yogurt would be made with their kids in mind. I know for me as a parent I worry so much about what is in the food they are eating and am always looking for healthier alternatives. I think Clare & Joanna have come up with a fun and healthy version of the traditional sugar laden ice cream.

Chilly Moo comes in three flavours > strawberry, mixed berry and strawberry & banana.

Each pot contains

  • Whole milk
  • Yogurt
  • 19% fruit puree
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial additives, preservatives or colourings
  • Less than 3%fat

 Their frozen yogurt is also gluten free, has a low GI.

My kids love ice cream and ice pops. We go through so many, they have me broke now with the summer holidays haha! They much have all the tubs we were sent gone already pretty much, so that shows you how much they liked them.

My eldest daughter said they tasted ‘so fruity’ and loved the little mini pots because she could bring it out on the trampoline to eat…..away from her little sister trying to get her gob on it lol! 😉

chilly moo irish frozen yogurt review
Glitterbaba enjoying her frozen yogurt

Me on the other hand, I’m not really into fruity flavours. I like fruit but I find fruit flavoured frozen yogurt too sweet, I prefer plain frozen yogurt. Still I tried it for review purposes and it was very nice, creamy and fruity.

Main thing here is the kids love it and I feel much better when they have low sugar snacks. Little tip, leave it out to thaw a bit as I we ate it too soon out of the freezer and found them an icy texture at first but after leaving for a couple of minutes it was more creamy.

Check out their website too it’s really funky and has info on all the chilly moo characters and little games. Very cute!

These are priced at €4.95 for a big 500ml tub or €2.30 for a small treat sized tub and are available in Supervalu, Dunnes Stores & Tesco.

Have you tried Chilly Moo yet? What do you think of them? Yaz x

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