Rant and Poll on Child Benefit Cut

It’s being said by The Sun newspaper that Yes, Child Benefit will be cut by €10 for the 1st two children. Meaning a family with 2 kids will be down €20 a month. It may be nothing to some but that’s €20 off the gas bill, money for the coal to keep the house warm, money for a pack of nappies and baby formula. All these things add up when you have one child or more.Add on top of that school books, raffle tickets outings etc etc

I think it’s so unfair when they said just last month in the children’s referendum that they have the children’s best interest in mind and children should have a voice. What about the children who will be saying ”mammy I’m cold” well sorry kid but we have to make more cutbacks so no more heating on, half an hour a day max from now on!! Or sorry you can’t have more chicken, this will have to do for tomorrows dinner too.
Are these children’s voices going to be heard…no the government wont listen. Hey once their kids have food and warmth and money to bring them to the cinema every week sure it’s all grand!

I think the child benefit should be means tested, and I don’t mean taking it from parents who are both working but still struggling (childcare cost a bomb!!) I mean the likes of say Bono or Micheal O’Leary just for example..do they really NEED it? Will they struggle to pay the rent and gas bill without it…no I don’t think so.

And for people saying well don’t have children if you can’t afford them. Nobody knew how badly our government would handle this recession and bail banks out with our money. Nobody knew they would lose their jobs or not be able to get dole if they were once self-employed but the business failed.

Rant over….let me know your thoughts in the comments please

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