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Breville Blend Active blender – Review

brevile blend active smoothie maker review

The weather is getting warmer and it’s about now people will start going on a health kick making summer smoothies and protein drinks etc so I thought I’d finally do a review of the Breville Blend Active blender that we use. I mostly make smoothies with my blender as they are my go to breakfast …

Competition: Hydrate with Alflorex!

alflorex probiotics and bobble water bottle

So, today I have a nice giveaway thanks to Alflorex! I wish I could enter this myself! Stress, lack of sleep, bad diet, not enough water, smoking etc can all disrupt the balance of friendly and not so friendly bacteria causing sore, upset and bloated tummies. Alflorex is a food supplement (made in Ireland!) that …

Vegetarian Lentil Chilli Recipe

vegetarian chilli recipe

Anyone who knows me knows I love spicy foods especially chilli con carne. It’s just so simple to make and so so tasty. Very versatile too, as once you have a big pot made you could make nachos, chilli chips, tacos, wraps or just have a healthy option with brown rice! I’ve been trying to …