Boba 4g Carrier & Vest Review

My first time really baby wearing was with my 3rd baby who’s now 1-year-old (cry!)
I fell in love with the Boba wrap, review here, and all the benefits that came me with baby wearing.
Holli Zollinger boba 4g wildflower review

As a SluberRoo Ambassador I was delighted to be given a chance to try the Boba 4g carrier now that GlitterBaba is older and too big for the wrap (cry again!)

So, this is a buckle carrier and much different from the cheap one I got from smyths on my first, that one turned me off babywearing! I was worried about my shoulders hurting like they did on the first one I tried but this one is designed so so much better.
boba 4g carrier review

With this buckle carrier all the weight is concentrated around the waist area where baby sits meaning there is not much heavy tension on your shoulders or neck. The shoulder and waist area also padded really well so I don’t find any discomfort at all. It’s amazing the difference a good quality carrier can make to comfort.

There are sets of straps around the waist, upper-waist and a pair for the shoulder straps. They are easy to adjust while you have the carrier on so you can get it to fit snug and securely in all the right spots!
boba 4g features
A removable hood is included which is very handy for when they sleep to keep their head supported. When it’s not in use it can be folded and tucked away in a zip pocket underneath it.

I recently managed the back carry too (whooo!) which I struggled to get the hang of till one of the girls in the Irish Parenting Bloggers posted a video showing the woman putting the baby in at the front and then put her arm in the opposite strap and shifted the baby in the carrier around her back. That probably sounds confusing but it was so easy once I had that trick. I put her on my side to start with and wiggle her around to my back 🙂 boba carrier 4g back carry reviewGitterbaba absolutely loves the back carry when she wants to be close to me but I have to make dinner etc. When she falls asleep you can just pull up the hood that comes with it. I put my little one in it mainly around the house so I can get some work done or to calm her down without my arms aching.

I brought her out in it with the fleece vest over us, available here, on Paddy’s day and that was great! Kept us both warm and snug especially her little hands and feet so I recommend that if you will be using it outside a lot and it can be used for the back carry too.

boba vestYou can use this carrier for newborns (7lb+) too as it comes with a padded seat that can be adjusted to two heights.

Some other handy features are the zip pockets (for your phone, money, keys etc) foot straps for baby’s feet so they can rest them, a little padded seat insert that can be clipped into two different height positions for baby’s little bum for extra support and there is a strap that you can put over your handbag strap then clip it in place so it doesn’t slide off!

There are so many great adjustable features it’s hard to get it in one post but I do hope you get the idea of how brilliantly designed this carrier is. I’m delighted to have it! I’m still plucking up the courage to do youtube videos but if I do I’ll be able to show you all the features in better detail!

If you are thinking of getting one don’t forget you can use my code BA-01 to get 10% off your order at SlumberRoo!
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