Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner Review

I was at an event probably a year ago now for the new Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner. It’s an ‘lash-hugging’ eyeliner pen with a gel formula and rubber angled tip.benefit they're real push up liner review

They now have new colours of this coming out in purple, green, blue etc so I said I’d write my long over due review in case anyone is thinking of buying.

Now this isn’t a glowing review and I really don’t like to write ‘bad’ reviews but if something is expensive and being heavily marketed as a wonder product then I think it’s only fair to give my review on how I got on with a product so others can decide if it’s worth buying.

So on first use of this eyeliner pen ,after about 50 clicks to get the product to come out, the gel was harder than I expected. I did find the angle of nib and how to hold the pen hard to get used to but I eventually got the hang of it.

The problem I had with this is the formula/consistency. It’s very thick meaning I didn’t find it glides across your lid like they claim. It dragged, making it very time consuming and hard to get a straight crisp line. Also the lash hugging claim didn’t work out for me. I find because teh gel is so thick it’s hard to get it right in without putting a lot of pressure on your lash line/eyeball! I can get in closer to my lash line with less effort with a liquid liner or creamy gel eyeliner with a brush to be honest.

It’s fast drying too, which, in theory sounds great because you avoid it getting on your top lid when you open your eyes but because it dries so fast it means it’s hard to go back over a spot without it dragging some more and then flaking all over your eyelashes/face. Not only did it feel dry and heavy on my lid after applying but it flakes off too. It’s just too dry a gel for my liking.

benefit they're real push up eyeliner review
You also have to wipe away and squeeze out the leftover gel from the last use otherwise it’s too dry to apply so that is waste each time having to do that.

Oh and they have a special They’re Real remover for €19.50 which yeh it works but it’s nothing micellar water doesn’t do….again marketed to be a huge hype in my opinion.

I will say though that I love the angled rubber nib. If they changed the consistency of this product I think I’d like this a lot more and would possibly buy it. For €25 though I think you could find a cheaper and better gel eyeliner. I’ve heard Maybelline does a similar one that might be worth looking in to! Or I had one by Essence that came with a brush that was great but apparently it’s discontinued.

Have you tried Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner? How did you find it? Yaz x

Disclosure: I was given the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner and Remover to try. This is no way affects my review. All opinions on this blog are my own and honest thoughts.

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  • I am the same! I really wanted to love this product but it just never happened for me. I kept seeing rave reviews about it and thought ok try again, so I did. But really I get better results with cheaper products. I was beginning to think I was the only person in the world that didn’t love this!

    • Lol! Same I was like oh god I must be doing something wrong but it’s a very difficult consistency to work with is all I think x

  • I got a sample of this when it was the gift with a magazine last year and couldn’t get it to work for me, at all. It was far too dragging and flaky.

  • I’m going to be bold here, I LOVE the push up liner, I’m not crazy about the mascara as I find it too “wet” and I actually prefer my cheap and cheerful essence one from pennys, but the liner I do love, I’m usually rubbish or totally unable to do my own liner, but I have just about mastered it with these, I love them!!

    • Not bold haha! I love to hear how others get on with a product 🙂
      Maybe I’m just very used to the flow of a liquid liner. Funny I actually like the mascara of theirs! x

      • I think it’s a case of finding you what you like isnt it though. But they are pretty pricey, but I do like to treat myself and sure if I don’t who else will 😀

  • Similar feelings…. this is the one that the ‘benebabe’ put on me last year and I actually had to go home because of! I looked like a drag queen. It’s awful.

  • I guess I have to pass o this one. I have heard not so good things about it. There are much better ones that are cheaper and easier to use.
    Jess recently posted…Where Can I Find LifeCell Eye Cream?My Profile

  • oh I’m so glad it wasn’t just me! I bought a mag with the sample on to try it out, but i lost loads initially trying to squeeze it out, then it went on too thick and lopsided,couldn’t get it off then! wouldn’t buy it, def not for me.

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