August Favourites

Actually can’t believe I’m doing another monthly favourite and the kids are back in school! Summer flew in and it really didn’t feel like a summer but I’m loving all the Autumn clothes coming in. I think it’s my fave season for clothes. Anyway let’s get on with my favourite things products/items from this month.

August Favourites
Sorry for the bad picture, I need to get myself a proper camera
Ban.Do Diary
After seeing so may bloggers rave about this organiser I had to get one. I never bought one this year and really regretted it because I was missing appointments and events etc. I bought a wall calendar but that barely ever get looked at. This Ban.Do diary was perfect for me as it starts in August and does right through till December 2016.
It’s pricey at €27.50 from or soon to launch (both Irish) but it will do me for a year and a half, will stop me missing appointments and is super cute so that’s how I’m justifying it! 🙂
It really is gorge though and well laid out with tabs at the side make it easy to find each month. Also each month has notes pages, a monthly view and weekly view. It gets me very excited when I get an appointment or event to write in it haha!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This was a sample vial I got in a set and even though it’s tiny it lasted much longer than I expected.
It’s a lightweight oil so doesn’t feel heavy or leave my skin feeling greasy in the morning, my skin feels fresh and nourished in the morning. It smells amazing too, there is lavender and evening primrose in it so I think that’s what I’m smelling all I know is I feel relaxed and ready for bed after using it.
The ingredients are 99.8% natural too so you know you are putting a good product on your skin, something I’m being more conscious about.
I’m definitely going to splash out on the full sized bottle at €42.50 for 30ml but it lasts ages and my skin has been feeling and looking more refreshed so I know it works.Or I might get one of their lovely gift sets…maybe for Christmas from himself and the kids 😉

MooGoo Tingling Honey Lip Balmmoo goo honey tingling lip balm
I picked this up as I can never have too many lip balms and had never tried MooGoo products before. Their products are all natural and this makes this lip balm 100% edible which came in handy when my 18 month old decided to bite a chunk off! Yes it smells like sweet honey and strangely enough it really does tingle due to the menthol ingredient.
Really nice lip balm and has been keeping my lips crack free for only €3.95.

Kiehl’s Calendula Toner
I only realised after I had chosen some faves from this month that two products from the same brand! I had received this toner as a sample last year but I forgot about till recently and I have been loving it. I use it after cleansing with micellar water and have found I’m breaking out less. I think not toning after micellar water was a big mistake and was causing my breakouts. My skin feels super clean and oil free after using this. It looks weird with the seaweed like bits at the bottom but hey…it works!

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in Berry Bradshawcatrice berry bradshaw lipstick
I love plum colour lipstick, I don’t care if it’s more of an autumn colour choice I love a subtle dark lip any time of the year. I have found Catrice lipsticks to be brilliant in the past so when I seen this gorgeous plum colour I couldn’t leave without it, it’s not really dark either so you won’t look like a vampy goth I promise. I will be wearing this a lot this Autumn/Winter.

Pennys Power Bankpennys primark power bank
The whole having to charge my phone 3 times a day was getting very old and I knew I needed a power bank so I snapped this up when I found the last one in Pennys a few weeks ago. They have a €7 one and a €9 one but the dearer one is better as you get more charges out of it. Four o be exact and it charges you phone really quick. I love it, so handy when out and about as I hate not having my phone on, makes me terrible anxious esp if I need it for maps 😉

So they are just some of my August favorites, I had other products I loved but plan to do full review on them soon. Also, being honest my 18 month old was messing with my makeup the other day and lost some things on me so I couldn’t picture them!
What were your fave things this month? Bloggers, free to link them the comments. Yaz xo

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